Day 12 NaPoWriMo2017

Today’s theme is assonance and alliteration, larding “a poem that explicitly incorporates …the use of repeated consonant sounds and …the use of repeated vowel sounds.”


All the Beautiful Words


Conjure them into a list

Coaxing and crooning your wish

For serendipity, synergy, synchronicity


Treasure them like a new found horde

Peat-preserved, bronze cups and cauldrons,

Torcs and cloak broaches to hold

The cloth against a cold breeze


Box some. Archive others. Some set free

To live their wildish lives in poetry

Wandering moors, setting off on

Peregrinations out to sea in corracles


Commit them to memory

Seal it with a kiss. Learn them by heart

(which in Irish is crói)


Do not be slavish to language bigotry

Add ones picked up on your travels like

Seashells from the shore, necklaces found in the souk

Made from antler and bone


Like zeitgeist or milagro

The breath upon the matix of creation


Survival of the persistent


Or the spirals made by sunflower seed

Or the helix within a pine cone staircase

Lexical diversity aside


Let us not be dictionary driven

Let our ears hear and delight

In all the beautiful words

So many still to meet


Bounty, booty, bought

Some sold to the highest bidder

Boxed, archived

Some set free

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