Day 9 NaPoWriMo2017

Day 9 was truly a challenge for a poet that prefers open form or free verse. Today I was introduced to the nine-liner, with its tight rhyme schemes and syllabic metre.  Andrew Marvel liked this form. Considering that I am not much of a fan for his century’s poetry, this accounts for my blank out. I opted for what is known as the Ballazi stanza. Nine lines: syllabic count 6-6-7-6-6-7-6-6-7. The rhyme scheme is aaDbbDccD.  This is what came forth eventually.

For those too young to have ever seen the movie The Scarlet Pimpernel – the catch phrase was ‘You see him here. You see him there. You see him everywhere.’ Hence, the inspiration for the title.



We all want the answer

to the cure for cancer.

Especially now as cells

attack their host’s vessel,

even if it proves fatal

to the host. What the hell!

A cancer cell’s playlist:

survival of the cyst

against a dose of speedwell.


It makes us all chancers

seeking to cure cancer –

chemo, Lourdes’ holy well,

cannabis illegal –

anything to cut and cull,

stem the rising dark and quell

the adder’s venom kiss,

defeat that cell’s pure bliss

hollowing health from the shell


We offer balm and myrrh.

Medicine from Badger

seeking this wretched Pimpernel,

digging, digs roots and all.

Make a medicine doll,

find the words and say the spell:

Be here, please. Just exist.

Love declines a last farewell.




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