Day 7 NatPoWriMo2017

felix headshot

Today’s challenge asked us to list three random objects, three random locations, two items lost and two found AND THEN to choose from the lists and find a link. Just as I settled down to write there was a growl in the corridor outside. Well, that was random! Upon investigation, the rear view of the somewhat feral feline who is auditioning to be third housecat. We call him Felix. Because he looks like the fellow on the tin.


One somewhat feral cat

Found prowling the corridor

Definitely not the blue lane

Head House Cat growls, Passport!

You are not in the correct zone!

The customs of this home require

Certain decorum, but

Who can resist a wildish kind of guy

Without papers

Looking for something more

Than a dinner dole

A scratch on the head

He wants to cross the frontier of love

To sing his song

To belong despite his fears

The dogs, the other cats

The two-legged with the beard


But the naturalisation

Process has begun

We are, so to speak,

Affianced. At least

I have pledged my troth

The family will come around


Meanwhile he camps outside our door

We agreed upon this experiment

In mutual trust

Finding refuge

In my heart

6 thoughts on “Day 7 NatPoWriMo2017

  1. Do not lose heart, Bee and Tony — Felix is very likely on his way ‘in’. Our older feral fella Tze-Hantsiu (rough Ukrainian for Little Gypsy) took a very long time to enter the house. Eventually Tze-Han became Respected Senior over the other boys and girls, presiding till his death four years later.
    Patience and respectful love such as you two exude also wooed our wild young Rover who stayed with us till his FeLeuk claimed him, and a decade later, Rags eventually found his niche among the herd as well. Rags stayed for a year before wandering onwards, but it was lovely to have his huge dusky fluffiness overseeing the half-dozen others (two dogs too) from his favourite chair, great head lowered, musing as if he were formulating Dharma Talks! If you two cannot awaken a truce amongst the Clan of Cats, No-one ever ever could. (kit w-p)

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