Day 6 NaPoWriMo2017

Day 6’s challenge is to look at the same thing from differant points of view. Wallace Steven’s 13 Ways of Looking at the Blackbird is the granddaddy of all this kind of poem.



It takes both

To make it 3-D.

Hitler loved his dogs,

Was vegetarian

And a mass murderer, too.


It can derange some

Who cannot hold

The tension of being both

Beast and brutality

Along with the appreciation of Beauty.


Love helps, but

Is not always the solution

For creating that third pathway.

It did not deter

Hitler anyway.


Perhaps he remained

Profoundly split,

Right brain and left locked

Out from the other

Bridges burnt over his inner Elbe


No synaptic chatter

To awaken empathy

Counter the love of destruction

A cartoon human, a hologram

Of three dimensionality.


We hold our guilt and our goodness

Like that Minoan goddess offering

Two snakes to the sky.

One may hold venom, the other a cure.

Both came from an egg.

We all crack out of a single cell,

From one into two, both equal.

Then three. Until we become one

all over again.

use this image

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