Day 5 Bonus Poem NaPoWriPo2017

Blessing the Cursing Stone


We live in interesting times

Turn the bullaun stone sunwise

You bless the hurt, the wrong

The trespass against


Turn the bullaun stone counter

Clockwise for cursing

For want of justice, for greed

The ill-fame brought on


Three times three the power

Running exponentially


The harm rebounding


If you get it wrong

So safer to bless the evil

Be grateful for whatever

The day brings to you


But be careful for what

You wish for, for bane

Will resound as much

As blessings broadcast


Seeding the deep down

Living like mushroom spores

That burst into fruit

Under conditions


Ripe to eat and some

To poison, like the

Granny Begone

Slow acting but sure


We live in interesting times

Blessed and cursed, filled

Famished, poisoned, purged

Blooming in the dark


Blessing Cursing Stone

St. Brigid’s Blessing/Cursing stones in West Cavan on a spot thought to have originally been a ritual site of worship to the Underworld god Crom Cruach.

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