Day 2 NatProWriMo

The theme today is recipe…

Cooking on Gas

To love

and be loved in return.

Not always easy.

But worth it.



First, let go of control.

Let go of perfection.

Not always easy

I know,

but they will flatten

a cake faster than

an intemperate oven.


While you’re at it,

cast out fear.

It plays no part here.

Whisk it out

of the laboratory of love

because this kitchen is

one of everyday

and earthly delight.



you will scorch.

you will drop items.

You will break,

possibly even injure yourself

and the beloved in the process

(amateurs that you are),

substitute ingredients,

twitch your nose and

magic up a meal in a twinkle

(improvisers that you are.)


When you are down

to your last pot

you still have the fire.

For nothing is lost

until that last

whoosh of air

is expelled.

And even then

there is still the savour

on the tongue of memory

speaking all the ways

we made it new,

still do,

even after we thought

the pot was empty.


Cake from top


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