It’s UNESCO World Poetry Day. It seems fitting to post as much poetry on social media today of all days.  It also is keeping me at the task post-Arvon with writing and revising poems using the skills that Carola Luther passed on in our one-to-one mentoring session.  


Some people think poetry is an elitist activity. It’s not.  It’s about the soul seeking the form to express its longings.  Well, all art does that; poetry uses words and rhythm. When we only had the oral tradition they were songs.  Now we like to let the words sing and dance across a surface- page, screen, or even a wall.


Everyone needs poetry. We often turn to poetry during those liminal times of life to help us navigate and articulate transitions- birth, death, endings and beginnings.  Why else is Spring such a popular topic for poets?  It’s an annual beginning that goes on giving.

This poem was inspired by a browse through Manchester Art Gallery with my creative colleagues from Cavan.  The words in bold type are stencilled on a wall in the interactive gallery, which is also a great play space for kids to get creative. Or, in my case, a middle-aged woman with a word fetish.


Words On the Wall of the Interactive Gallery


Lean goes forward.

Balance backwards.

Place is context.

Positive is space.

Negative, its absence.

Edge is a paper cut,

Dimension, a paper doll.

Form, dressmaker’s dummy.

Shape is fabric.

Line is the ending.

Collide is Oomph! and Ah! And Ha!

Chance is one’s fortune.


Copyright © Bee Smith 2014. All rights reserved.





Bee Smith sojourned in March 2014 with the Leonardo da Vinci Life Long Learning Programme “Developing Creative Practice Across Borders” to Yorkshire and Lancashire organised by the Cavan Arts and the Social Inclusion Unit offices. She is keeping up the new found creative writing habit now she is back home in the wilds of West Cavan.

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